California penal code intimidating witness

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The crime of Bribery of a Witness Regarding their Testimony (Penal Code 137(a) PC) requires the following elements: Penal Code 138(a) PC (Bribery of a Witness Regarding Trial Attendance) contains the same elements, with the key difference being that the bribe is made in exchange for getting the witness not to attend a trial proceeding.

Under California Penal Code Section 138(b) PC, it is against the law for a witness to solicit bribes. Examples A man has been charged with Arson under California Penal Code Section 541 PC and is aware that there is only one witness for the People who will testify that he saw the defendant start the fire in question.

The man approaches the witness and offers to pay him a substantial amount of money if he were to change his story while on the witness and stand and provide a statement supporting the defendant.

The man offering the bribe would be guilty of Bribery of a Witness and could be convicted of this felony.

Bribery of Witnesses regarding their testimony is a crime pursuant to California Penal Code Section 137(a) PC and Bribery of Witnesses regarding trial attendance is illegal under Californian Penal Code Section 138(a) PC.

Bribery by a Witness regarding either testimony or attendance is unlawful under Californian Penal Code Section 138(b) PC.

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I sued an ex-employee and he called my cpa before the trial and said it would not be favorable to have his name and the firms name in the paper or part of a public document that mentioned the recommendation of establishing an erroneous retirement plan.

Definition and Elements of the Crimes The legal system depends on witnesses coming forward and providing honest testimony.

Any actions made to try to influence the witness' testimony in exchange for something of value is a serious felony-level offense that can result in a lengthy prison sentence.

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