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He has his sights set on Eddy's father's bar as repayment, and sets his debt collector Big Chris (who is often accompanied by his beloved son, Little Chris) to work in order to ensure that some form of payment is coming up.Harry also has his sights set on a couple of antique shotguns up for auction, and gets his enforcer Barry "the Baptist" to hire a couple of thieves, Gary and Dean, to steal them from a private home.

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Anyone with asthma or other conditions affecting the lungs is likely to find second-hand smoke can be a trigger.

When someone smokes they breathe smoke into their lungs. Mainstream smoke, and all the chemicals in it, gets absorbed into the blood stream and body tissue. 'Sidestream' smoke is the smoke given out by the lit end of the cigarette.

Sidestream smoke gives out more than half of all the pollution given out by a cigarette.

Where you advertise might cause indirect discrimination - for example, advertising only in men’s magazines.

You can only ask for someone’s date of birth on an application form if they must be a certain age to do the job, eg selling alcohol.

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