Who is david burtka dating dating decisions

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"I have lots of stories to talk about."So anyone have any stories about him? When he started dating Neil he was nearly 29, so of course he had had other guys before, but that doesn´t make him a slut.

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David Burtka says he was a slut pre-NPH"I have quite a past," admits David. The fact he "quite has a past" doesn´t tell anything.R22, that may be the reason that every male TSA agent hauls poor David off for a complete cavity search every time he goes through airport security.(That doesn't, of course, explain why he volunteers for them when he is getting gas or signing for packages, but he may be very safety conscious.)I was always wondering about Neil calling Lane "his first boyfriend" given that David was already 24 when he met Lane, but maybe that´s because Lane was his first serious boyfriend (they were together for nearly 5 years), whereas David´s former relationships had been just casual and short?Weirdly enough, Neil and David are even using the same surrogate agency that David and Lane used almost 10 years ago.“It was actually David who suggested it," added the insider. Although we don't know the full story of David and Lane's break-up or what their custody agreement is, as points out, if this was a heterosexual baby drama situation, David could be accused of being a deadbeat dad.How could he be there for the first 4 years of those children's lives and then just walk-away and start a new family with someone else?

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